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Conscious Leadership Offerings


A Leader that inspires others to greatness, is a conscious and authentic Leader that is vulnerably courageous enough to "Step Into The Arena"; as per the title of a famous quote by Theodore Roosevelt. Are you willing to dare greatly?

 Successful and effective Leadership requires self awareness, first and foremost. Below is a diagram that depicts and underpins Kim's Leadership teaching's; referring to this diagram as an...

'Holistic Approach  to Authentic  Leadership'







Kim has close to 20 years experience in Leadership, both as a Leader and or Educating others. Kim is fascinated by human behaviour and driven by the desire to see Leaders reach their optimal state of functioning, achieving ultimate personal awareness and happiness, that translates into success within their workplace and personal lives.  


Kim can help in the following ways:

  • 1:1 Conscious & Authentic Leadership Program and / or Tailored Consultations 

  • Group Conscious & Authentic Leadership Program

  • Outplacement Program

  • Employee Peak Performance Coaching

  • Behavioural Profiling

*Online or in-person offerings*

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