Meet Kim


With an entrepreneurial and passionate spirit, Kim built and managed an Employment, HR and Training Organisation for over a decade.  In the later years of operation, Kim burned out due to chronic stress and fatigue and change was a necessity. She got on a plane bound for India where she spent the most part of a year healing emotionally, mentally & physically while training with some of the world's (and the Dalai Lama's) Wellness Guru's in modalities such as Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Sound Healing, Reiki & Massage. 

Since returning home in 2016, she has served her community as a Wellness / Spiritual - and Life Coach & Facilitator with Individuals, Retreats and Organisations. Kim also runs Silent Wellness & Nourishment Retreats in Torquay, Victoria and Noosa, Queensland.


With Kim's years of experience in Leadership, both as a Leader and or Trainer; Kim also works with Leaders Individually and Corporate groups, helping them to lead consciously, authentically and with purpose.

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Kim is a huge advocate of spending time in silence and introspection.  She knew after her first experience at a Silent Retreat, with her Tourism and Wellness background, that creating space for others to be immersed in silence and experience the amazing and life changing benefits of, would be a prominent part of her future path. For information on our upcoming Silent Wellness & Nourishment Retreats, please click here.

Kim is a passionate, soulful, spiritual, heart based, healer, lover of life, laughter and the simple things. Yoga, travel, connection with beings and nature makes her heart sing.  She's genuinely fascinated by human behaviour, a lover of science and enjoys in depth discussions questioning why, how and what!

​With her passion, knowledge, education and experience of Human Behaviour, Wellness, Spirituality, Coaching, Leadership, HR, Psychology, Tourism and Business; she aims to take Individuals and Organisations on a journey of discovery, growth, optimal health and happiness.

​​​Kim works towards a future in hope that collectively, all beings consciously awaken and live a more mindful, compassionate for oneself and others, peaceful and happier existence.