Corporate Wellness Meditation

Corporate Wellness Offerings


Needing to decrease and prevent injury and absenteeism, increase productivity, improve culture, morale and the bottom line of your organisation?  

By focusing and investing in your staff's well-being, their health of mind and body improves and in turn, helping them to function more optimally and thrive.  Healthy staff equals a healthy organisation; giving your business the best opportunity to flourish in every aspect.  


Backed by science, countless studies and surveys, wellness is a guaranteed ROI; be ahead of the game and make wellness a priority in your workplace...


Programs and or Individual Offerings comprise of:

  • Needs - Gap Analysis 

  • Yoga / Mindful Movement

  • Mindfulness / Meditation

  • Breath Work

  • Injury Prevention Training 

  • Mindset and or Peak Performance Coaching

  • Behavioural Profiling 

  • Measured Results

*Online or in-person offerings - amidst nature and or at your workplace. Kim comes fully equipped.*

Corporate Wellness Yoga