Silent Wellness & Nourishment Retreats

~ Breamlea, Surf Coast, Victoria ~


The noble art of silence is a powerful tool to unlock the highest potential of human life and there is no greater gift to give yourself than spending time in silence and deep reflection to open the doors to your life’s purpose.

Silence, meditation, yoga, sound healing, kirtan (chanting), creative exploration & mindfulness allows you to find the answers to life’s deepest questions from within and helps reveal greater states of clarity, well-being and inner peace.  Together, they purify the mind and opens the heart so that you may live with greater wisdom and compassion in each moment of your life. The inner transformation that occurs when you simply allow yourself to completely let go and relax into your natural state is truly incomparable and liberating.  You become better able to evaluate different ideas and make better decisions. Creativity, intuition and clarity come to you with ease and congruence.  It helps to regulate your emotions with conscious awareness.














Our intimate group silent retreats will be a catalyst to change in your life in ways that you could never have dreamed. Change happens from within and starts with silence and introspection.  The benefits reaped from such practices extend to all facets of life: our relationships, confidence, wisdom, compassion, sincerity, love, respect, creativity and insight.  All of these attributes arise from a source within, and the only way to access it is to remain silent, listen and witness inside as your highest potential reveals itself.

Is our Silent Retreats for you? 

  • Do you feel you need to spend some time slowing down and disconnecting from your hectic pace of life?

  • Feeling tired, stressed, lacking in energy and needing to rejuvenate with some serious 'me time' to feel connected, centered, full of self love and worth?

  • Do you desire to come home to your natural state of being, clarifying your purpose and intentions in the world?

  • Does the thought of not having to say a word for the entire day feeling desirable?

  • Do you crave to simply be your beautiful perfectly imperfect self and be supported and nurtured in a safe space with like minded individuals?

  • Do you wish to come back to the present moment and challenge your perception to see the world filtered through the light? 

  • Feeling as though you want to let go and surrender what is no longer serving you; past pains, stress, fear, ego, self doubt and limiting thoughts and beliefs?  Choose to take time for you to cleanse your mind, body, heart and spirit. 

  • Do you desire to feel at peace with the past, find the beauty in the present with a heart full of gratitude? To feel excited about the future and find comfort in the discomfort of relinquishing all control and attachments?

  • Do you desire to reconnect with your faith, or wish to go deep within and explore spiritual liberation? 

  • You are what you think and your external world is a manifestation of of your thoughts.  Do you crave change in you or any part of your life? Learn and develop the techniques to do so; it starts with acceptance and forgiveness of what is, followed by setting intentions with a willingness to know you're worthy of feeling amazing and creating a life lived you so desire.

  • Do you desire to strengthen the connection to your heart and feel more compassion for yourself and others?

  • Do you wish to find balance (sushumna) between your feminine energy (ida, meaning moon) and masculine energy? (pingala, meaning sun)
  • Do you desire to build a better relationship with yourself to intuitively know what your body, mind, heart and spirit need in any moment to feel your optimal self?

If so, these daily silent wellness and nourishment retreats are perfect for you!

All genders over 18 welcome of different ages, beliefs, faiths, perspectives. Available to individuals, social or corporate groups.  We preface our time together and ask of our participants, that we unite together with no judgement of ourselves or others. That we support one another with kindness and positive thoughts and intent, knowing that each participants journey to date, like our own, is perfectly imperfect.  Let's celebrate ourselves and each other.  Please note; Yoga Philosophy and references from other faiths relevant, will be spoken of at our Retreats, however optional to listen to.     


By the end of the Retreat you will feel...

We aim to have you feeling balanced, connected, grounded, nourished, celebrating yourself so you can return home feeling rejuvenated, stronger, braver, clearer and more radiant than ever! You'll leave with a more peaceful and compassionate mind, heart, body, spirit x 

The Science behind Silence and Neurological Benefits...

The world has become louder.  Scientists say the level of human-generated buzz (from noisy neighbours to surround sound) has been climbing steadily, putting millions of us at potential detriment everyday.  All that, plus we're bombarded by an endless stream of emails and social media updates, which is creating record levels of mental noise and physical stress.  Seek silence when you can and don't forget to pack your headphones on your travels!  

Please refer to link below to read about the scientific and neurological benefits of spending time in silence...

The Science and Neurological Benefits of spending time in Silence 

The Science behind Yoga and Meditation


Is the number of decibles the music in spin and circuit classes can reach.  That's almost as high as a jet engine. Yikes. Yoga next time? 

Australian Hearing 
Silent Wellness Retreat
2020 Retreat dates
launching soon!
Bancoora In, Breamlea, Vic

Silence, Please....

Our Silent Day Retreats include the following;

  • Welcoming, cleansing and setting of intentions ceremony (talking permitted)

  • All day tea, coffee, lemon & mint water & delicious Vegan Treats for morning tea. Followed by a yummy, nutritious and wholesome Vegetarian lunch provided by Ginger Monkey Cafe. Afternoon tea we will fill our bellies with a piece of amazing vegan cake (sugar and guilt free!) provided by the talented Melissa D'Arcy from Sweet Clementine.

  • You'll receive a free mini crystal bag and eye mask on arrival.

  • Be silent and reconnect amidst nature on a beautiful Japanese inspired rural property with it's very own meditation hut. You'll have free time to explore, lounge and or journal.

  • Heart based trained and highly experienced facilitators / practitioners in their areas of expertise, living true to what they teach, hoping to help others on their wellness and awakening spiritual journey. 

  • doTERRA Essential Oil display and short introduction; allowing you to intuitive apply and use what you feel you need for the day ahead.

  • Facilitated Gentle Restorative Yoga / Mindful Movement for all levels of skill by Kim Bingham

  • Guided Loving Kindness Meditation by Kim Bingham

  • To close the special day shared together, we will end our time in silence together by chanting sacred mantra's (kirtan) with Fee from Chantananda, followed by an optional Sharing Circle; an opportunity to share with the group in a safe, judgement free and sacred space.

Optional extras at an additional cost (please pre-book when purchasing your ticket):

*Detailed description of the below offerings are available on the event page.

  • Life Coaching 1:1 session. Melanie from Bloom Development Solutions, our specialist coach will be available for individual 1 hour sessions post event at a suitable day and time that works for you.

  • Banish the Mind Spam; Ignite the Spark Within Workshop with Jo from Revitalize Lifestyle.

  • Massage offered to you by Leanne from Revive Holistic Health, Jo from Revitalize Lifestyle and Marye from Maiaveda Holistic Health Retreat & Spa; further helping you relax, relieve stress and reconnect

  • Reflexology offered to you by Jo from Revitalize Lifestyle and Chrissie Stobbs.

  • Reiki - intuitive energy healing offered to you by Kim Bingham and Marye from Maiaveda Holistic Health Retreat & Spa.

  • Access Bars is a blissfully relaxing treatment to instantly de-clutter your mind, offered to you by Leanne from Revive Holistic Health.  

  • Experience a Sacred Sound Bath Healing & Meditation facilitated by Marye from Maiaveda Holistic Health Retreat & Spa.

  • Facilitated Mindful Creativity Workshop by the talented artist, Silvia from Wilwood Arts Au. 

  • Facilitated Befriend Your Shadow Self Workshop with Jem Fuller. 

  • Yoga Nidra with Dee Ogden. 


We are so blessed to be able to share this incredible, relaxing and quiet space amidst nature with our Retreat lovers...

'The Bancoora In, Bancoora Beach, Breamlea, Vic is conducive for our participants to reconnect with themselves and the beautiful nature that surrounds them.  A new Japanese influenced villa, set on a rural property with it's very own meditation hut  x 

A little Breamlea history...

The small village of Breamlea is located on a spectacular coastline and home to some of Victoria's most endangered plants and animals.


Nestled between Torquay and Barwon Heads, Breamlea extends from Bancoora Beach, named after the steamship SS. Bancoora which ran aground here in the late 1800s, through Buckley's Bay, to the mouth of Thompsons Creek which flows from Gherang near Moriac and finally into the ocean at Point Impossible.


Breamlea is bounded by ocean, wetlands and delicate dunes.  Breamlea residents and visitors are encouraged to adopt an attitude of careful guardianship in order to keep Breamlea the special place that it is.


It's important to us that we provide fresh, nutritional and tasty produce to our Retreat participants.

All day tea, coffee, lemon and mint water supplied. Please make sure you bring your own water bottle.

Delicious GF and dairy free treats for morning tea supplied by Ginger Monkey.

Lunch is a tasty, healthy and wholesome fresh vegetarian meal is made and served to you with love by the always delicious, Ginger Monkey cafe.

*Menu for our spring retreat on Oct 12th will be released closer to the retreat.


Sweet Clementines Melissa D'Arcy will make a delicious chocolate crunch cake that is guilt free! It has a raw biscuit base, cashew chocolate cream and is topped with a raw chocolate frosting, mmm. It's vegan and paleo, sugar, dairy and gluten free.

Yummo! x 



Upon completion of the Silent Day Retreat at 5:30 pm, we do recommend staying overnight to slowly integrate after your time in silence and enjoy our beautiful coastline if you've traveled from a far...


If you're looking for a weekend private home stay, take a peek at;

The Bancoora In, Breamlea has luxurious Japanese influenced on-site private rooms with full en-suite and traditional onsen available for bookings. They have 4 rooms, each with a queen size bed. Please enquire direct via email for further information.

The Summer House, Torquay



Torquay Sands Beach House, Torquay

For a 1 night stay;

RACV Torquay Resort

and much more! 



What People Say...

"This event was very timely and was totally nourishing for my mind, body and soul"

~ Melissa McKeegan ~


Meet Your Facilitators...

Kim Bingham,

Retreat Host

Facilitates Yoga, Meditation

& offers Reiki 

With an Entrepreneurial and passionate spirit, Kim built and managed an Employment, HR and Training Organisation over 10 years; in the later years of operation, she became burnt out and got on a plane bound for India where she spent the most part of a year healing emotionally, mentally & physically while training with some of the world's (and the Dalai Lama's!) Wellness Guru's in modalities such as Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Sound Healing, Reiki & Massage.  Since returning home, she now works as a Wellness & Spiritual Coach & Facilitator with Individuals, Retreats and Organisations (Please refer to page, service offerings for full scope of services)      

Kim is a passionate, soulful, spiritual, heart based, healer, lover of life, laughter and the simple things. Yoga, travel, connection with beings and nature makes her heart sing.  She's genuinely fascinated by human behaviour, a lover of science and enjoys in depth discussions questioning why, how and what!

Kim is a huge advocate of silence and the benefits of. She knew after experiencing her first silent retreat, that creating space for others to be immersed in silence and experience the amazing and life changing benefits of, would be a prominent part of her future path.   

​With her passion, knowledge and experience of Human Behaviour, Wellness, Spirituality, Coaching, leadership, HR, Psychology and Business; she aims to guide, inspire and motivate Individuals and Organisations in need to transform and thrive!     

​Kim works towards a future in hope that we all, as a collective race consciously awaken and live a more mindful, compassionate for oneself and others, peaceful and happier existence x 

Facilitates 'Banish the Mind Spam and Ignite the Spark Within' Workshop

& Reflexology Sessions

Jo has over 18 years experience in health and wellbeing, tourism and lifestyle programs, having owned and operated a Wellness Clinic since 2002.  Jo has presented countless workshops, retreat and seminars, along with facilitating training and is an Inspirational Speaker on Creating Positive Change.

.Jo is happiest when she is assisting people to achieve a life that brings about happiness, passion, inspiration and fun. She provides inspiration through innovative wisdom and practices, and has an extensive toolbox that includes techniques, activities, innovative wisdom and methods that help people create new habits, inspiring and motivating clients to amplify their lives and live with passion.

Facilitates Chanting (Kirtan)

The amazingly talented group, Chantananda are united with the common purpose to raise consciousness, open hearts and heal via the vibration of sound.


The power of chanting cleanses your entire being.  It brings about auspiciousness and soothes a sad heart.  The power of chanting is very healing.  Whether you are completely immersed in the chant or just skimming along the surface of the the sound, the power of chanting seeps through your entire being.

Chanting is a significant & mysterious practice.  It is the highest nectar, a tonic that fully nourishes our inner being.  If we want to experience love, the greatest means is chanting the name of the Divine.  Chanting opens the heart and makes love flow within us.  It releases such intoxicating inner bliss that simply through the nectar it generates, we can enter the abode of Self

Swami Muktananda

Facilitates Yoga Nidra

Dee believes that finding moments of stillness in our busy lives is the key to wellbeing. Meditation is such a personal experience, what works well for one person may not work for another. Dee is passionate about assisting people to find effective ways to slow down and give themselves some much needed space to relax, breathe and ‘be’.

Dee regularly runs meditation courses, full moon and new moon gatherings. She also works with schools and businesses to create meditation/mindfulness sessions to tailored to the organisation. She is passionate about infusing both tradition and science into her sessions to assist participants to experience peace and to better understand the workings of the human mind.


Dee has been practising meditation for over 10 years. Along with immersing herself on a personal journey of growth through meditation and various holistic modalities she has also studied a Diploma of Meditation Teaching and is accredited by Meditation Australia. She has been formally teaching meditation for two years.


Dee has also been a Primary School teacher, food writer, recipe creator and cafe owner. She lives on the picturesque Surf Coast in Australia with her husband Ryan, daughter Addis, dog Ollie and 6 chickens.

Facilitates 'Mindful Creativity'Workshop'

Silvia is an artist who gains creative inspiration from her surrounding home, Torquay.

Silvia began her quest to creatively find her niche in the UK; she completed a degree in the arts and began working with children, facilitating workshops and coordinating youth theatre. She developed a passion for photography and found herself photographing theatre and gradually it turned into a career.  She photographed for a publishing company before moving to Australia 5 years ago. This move generated further interests and a development in her artwork, now creating pieces of amazing art, capturing memories with heart on different types of wood.    

Since living in Australia Silvia has completed a diploma in counselling, volunteered with disadvantaged children and adults and developed her business as an artist.

Silvia is driven to help people on their journey to live a more mindful, happier and stress free existence through means of art and creativity. 

Life Coaching Specialist

Melanie has a passion for helping people to manage their mindset. She facilitates growth and change for others by

providing metacognition strategies (metacognition is just a fancy word that means thinking about how you

think) and techniques to enable people to:

  • Develop an awareness and understanding of their own thought processes

  • Identify when their thinking is resourceful vs. un-resourceful 

  • Understand how their conscious and un-conscious beliefs influence their choices and overall life experience

  • Adopt empowering patterns of thought and a "growth mindset"

  • Identify and shift limiting beliefs, un-resourceful patterns of thought and/or resulting behaviours

  • Access more resourceful mental states to make better decisions and respond more effectively

  • Get more control over the way they think, feel, react and how they engage with the world around them

  • Feel more confident, capable and inspired

  • Relate better to others by understanding the nature of perceptual experience - everyone has their own internal maps, unique filters and perspectives

  • Think and communicate with deliberate intent and achieve more positive outcomes

  • Elicit peak performance from themselves and others by developing empowering internal and external narratives 

Melanie offers mindset strategies using principles derived from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Positive Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Growth Mindset philosophy. As a result she provides training and coaching solutions that help individuals and businesses flourish.

Melanie holds a Bachelor of Business Management (HR), she is a Certified Professional Coach, a Certified Workplace Trainer & Assessor, an NLP Practitioner, she has trained in "Inner Work'" coaching, and she's a Certified Practitioner of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. 


Melanie has always had a keen interest in exploring the nature of perceptual experience and she's spent years studying the fields of emotional intelligence, organisational culture & behaviour, optimal human performance and exploring behavioural modelling.  She strives every day to learn and grow, to increase my awareness and regularly train and expand my mind. 

Facilitates a Sacred Sound Bath Healing Meditation


Offers Massage & Reiki 

Marye O'Brien is an Ayurvedic practitioner, an intuitive energy and sound healer. Her work is motivated by her deep desire for a world where all beings feel safe, loved and nourished. Marye founded Maiaveda in 2010, an Ayurvedic Retreat & Rejuvenation Spa in Kyneton, Victoria.

Sacred Sound Bath Meditation with Marye O'Brien

Be bathed in pure sounds that will take you on a deeply transformational journey.

Experience a sonic transmission to nourish the body, release emotion, clear the mind, and expand consciousness with Marye. This deeply relaxing multi-instrumental journey through nature’s healing elements; connects you to Gong, Shaman Drum, Crystal Bowls, Meditation Chimes, Monochorde, Voice, Tibetan Bowls, Percussion, Sacred Chants in ancient languages and more.

Sacred Sound Meditation is a profound and powerful experience of healing sound and vibration which combines pure natural sound, ancient mantras and soulful voice.


"Marye holds a truly sacred space, it is a divine healing experience, her voice is infused with ancient wisdom - it felt like our Universal Mother, her eternal love calling and guiding a lost child home." - Rebecca, Macedon Ranges, Victoria

Sound has been utilised in various cultures for thousands of years as a tool for the body, mind and soul of a person for harmony and healing. You will receive powerful mantras, sound medicine melodies and other different songs accompanied by sacred instruments in order to move in a place of complete relaxation and peace. The benefits of sound healing are among others stress reduction, deep relaxation, improved sleep, improved concentration, and a stronger immune system. Sound healing affects all cells in your body. 

This is an invitation to release tension and anxiety, gain focus and clarity, and deepen your sense of well-being x


Facilitates 'Befriend Your Shadow Self' Workshop

In 2013 Jem left a senior leadership role at Flight Centre to commence his journey as a speaker, facilitator and coach. Jem now works with CEO’s of international organisations and business owners on how to create vibrant cultures through leading more mindfully and authentically.


Over the years of immersion in different demographics, Jem has become passionate about the need for more developed self-awareness, positive culture and our ability to form more conscious and authentic relationships.


His company, Leaders In Life, improves these capabilities for clients taking them on Mindful Leadership programs in NW Indian Himalaya, remote north Bali and The Kimberley in NW Australia.

Massage & Access Bars Therapist

Leanne has 16 years experience in all types of massage including remedial, sports, pregnancy and relaxation. She has 10 years experience in nutrition in both clinical and sales settings, and many years studying and providing healing modalities such as reiki, theta healing and access bars (please see event description for further information on access bars treatment).

With her completion of Mindfulness Training for Health Practitioners with Dr. Craig Hassed at the Gawler Foundation, a Diploma of Remedial Massage at Sage Institute of Massage, and her former Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science from Curtin University in Perth, WA, Leanne provides a thorough and holistic approach to her clients’ wellbeing. 


Leanne’s empathetic nature and a life long journey of personal development has led to her current pursuit of assisting others on their path to better health and happiness. She believes that meditation is the key to greater self awareness, which leads to effective stress management, better choices, and consequently a life of more ease, joy and balance.


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