Yoga by the Sea

I had the privilege of Kim facilitating two of my classes for guided yoga sessions. From the beginning, Kim was able to create a really peaceful and calm environment so the students could feel safe and supported during their yoga experience. 

Kim led their yoga journey using the theme of self-confidence, which empowers the students to reflect and embrace throughout. Kim also incorporated elements of mindfulness during the journey, which many of the students found really positive and uplifting. 

The students embraced the process and were able to achieve various levels of connection throughout, which I know will allow them to flourish within this class. It was fantastic to see them conclude the yoga session looking so refreshed, peaceful and happy.  Thank you Kim.

~ Casee, Teacher 

Sacred Heart College ~

Outdoors Yoga Class
Kim facilitated a wellness session with a large group of teenagers for us.  She was incredibly organised, and provided a detailed session plan ahead of time.  

Her session was engaging, peaceful and very powerful for the girls, and there was a range of activities built in to ensure everyone’s needs were met.

Thank you Kim.

~ Breanna, Youth Lounge, Surf Coast Shire ~

Thank you Kim, thoroughly enjoyed the Authentic Leadership Program. Highly recommend this program.

~ Julie Stack, 

Boardriders Group ~

Leadership Program Group
Keep motivating and spreading happiness Kim. I had great time with you and I enjoyed your Leadership teachings.

~ Saad Deakin,

Boardriders Group ~

Yoga with Kim has been so beneficial physically and mentally and has inspired me  to be the best version of myself. I feel happier, healthier and I have more energy than I have had in years.

~ Georgia, Barwon Coast Committee ~

Girl Running in a Field
Seeing Kim - Life, Wellness and Spiritual Coach was the best thing I have done for myself.  I have minimal anxiety now and was suffering almost every day with it before.  I feel I am in total control of myself right now and I am a much happier person to be around.  The techniques Kim used on me really have given me outstanding results. I have way more confidence within myself and my work colleagues and family have made comments on the change in me. 

would totally recommend anyone who is struggling with life or suffering anxiety or lacking confidence to see Kim.  She really does help put things into perspective and makes me feel I am the precious person that I am and makes me feel that my well being matters.

~ Angela Pillar - Simoes ~

The highlight of my week is Friday morning yoga and meditation by the sea facilitated by Jo Surkitt and Kim Bingham. Each of these ladies have a solid understanding of their crafts, developed over years of practice, study and immersion in other cultures. Not only do they know their stuff they are women with huge hearts who demonstrate a genuine passion for what they do. Their sessions combine blissful guided meditations with gentle, nourishing yoga that fills your body and mind with energy and lightness. 


Both Jo and Kim create a sacred space where you can feel energised, relaxed, peaceful and can release any negative energy.  At all times you can feel that Jo and Kim are wanting pure, positive outcomes for the group and give 100% to ensure that all participants go on a journey of healing, self reflection and release. Both ladies have a caring facilitation style, interacting with kindness grace and care at all times. Together Jo and Kim combine their skills to create a beautiful offering that energises your body, mind and soul. After our sessions I always feel lighter, clearer and able to face the day confidently with energy and focus. Thank you ladies! 

~ Melanie Kearsey ~ 

Wild Nature

Every theme and topic Kim speaks of at our weekly yoga class seems as though it was meant for me every time.

~ Sher, Barwon Coast Committee ~

Reiki Treatment
Kim has been delivering yoga and meditation to our Staff for 6 months now and we've seen the transformation in participants; they're healthier, 
happier, more productive and her sessions have improved morale and culture in our workplace.

~ John, Manager

 Barwon Coast Committee ~

Rock Balancing

Through Kim's teaching of Yoga, I have been able to experience a new self awareness and inner peace in my life.


Thank you Kim for being someone who listens, stretches out a hand or whispers a word of encouragement and understands a sometimes lonely person.

~ Simon, Barwon Coast Committee ~

On 29th April, Clonard college Leadership team had the privilege of listening to the inspirational Kim and Melanie. They talked about the importance of sharing gratitude towards each other and identifying one another’s strengths, as well as what they can contribute to a group setting. 


In terms of leadership qualities, they spoke to us about the importance of being authentic to ourselves. They also emphasised the importance of resilience, empathy, courage, social awareness, optimism and self-regulation when placed in a leadership position of any kind. In addition, we were told to focus on our “internal compass” which is derived from our most deeply held beliefs, values and principals we live by. We discussed the concept that good leaders make people feel safe and portray this by being confident, having a purpose, being honest and depicting a clear and strong vision.


We sincerely thank Kim and Melanie for their wise words and we are sure to exhibit these core qualities during our own leadership positions.

~ Talia & Pip, year 11 Leaders,

Clonard College, Geelong ~

Pink Lotus Flower

I had a wonderful reiki experience with Kim, she was professional, made me feel instantly relaxed and I left feeling truly lighter and moved by the experience.

Will revisit Kim again soon, highly recommend!

~ Victoria Elbeddi ~

Healthy assortment of yellow foods